Yam battered with Akara and Plantain
Recipe Category: Snacks
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Serves: 3
Moving on from the classic Yamarita, to the Paleo version. Rather than use white flour to batter, use bean flour, or plantain batter. Redefining the fried yam, dodo and akara Nigerian street food phenomenon
  • Yam
  • Bean flour or blended beans
  • Sparkling water or soda water
  • 1 egg
  • Salt
  • stock cube - optional
  • dry pepper - optional
  • I would advise that you either use the egg or soda water, not both. Eggs or soda water loosens up the beans or plantain batter, making the coated dough light and fluffy.
  1. Peel your yam and cut into batons. Boil in salt water until it has almost cooked through. Drain the hot water immediately, or your yam will continue cooking and get soggy
  2. Blend raw plantain with one egg, OR about ¼ cup of soda water.
  3. You want your batter to be slightly thick. Too watery, and it will slide off the yam into the oil. Trust me, that happened. If you are using egg, just blend the plantain and the egg, don't add water.
  4. Season your batter.
  5. Place the yams side by side with the batter, like a workstation kind of thing. .Heat up oil for deep frying
  6. Dip the boiled yam into the batter, allow it to coat, shake off the excess. and fry
  7. For the bean batter version, you also follow the same process. I was using bean flour though, not freshly peeled beans (you can use peeled beans), so I mixed the flour with soda water, till i got a thick consistency, seasoned it and repeated the process.
  8. The more soda water you add, the lighter your batter, and you will notice it puff up when frying in the oil. Just don't go overboard.
  9. Now, you know what else I did? I got out fried gizzards from t he freezer, dipped it into the plantain batter and fried. Gizdodo redefined right there.
  10. What do both taste like, you guessed it. Like yam and fried plantain, and like yam and akara. I absolutely loved it.
Another thing that i got out of the experience was, when next you are blending beans for akara, don't use tap water. Use sparkling water. I swear it doesn't affect the taste, but the texture, wowzer. Light, fluffy akara, that won't absorb that much oil. Please try it and let me know.
Recipe by Dooney's Kitchen at http://dooneyskitchen.com/yam-battered-with-akara-and-plantain-redefining-nigerian-street-food/