Efere Ibaba (Ibaba Soup)
Recipe Category: Traditional Nigerian Soups
Cuisine: Efik
Prep time: 
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Serves: 1 medium pot
A native soup of the Efik people, pale and mustardy with distinctive earthy and aromatic flavours from the seeds of the Ibaba plant and the fruit of the Aidan Tree
  • Goat Meat
  • Stockfish
  • Smoked fish
  • Palm oil - or palm fruit extract
  • Salt
  • Dry pepper
  • Fresh pepper
  • Etinkirin leaves - Uziza
  • Smoked red prawns
  • Ground Ibaba powder - Ukpo
  • 1 piece of Uyayak - aidan fruit
  • Seasoning Cubes
  • Ground crayfish
  1. Season and boil your meats till tender. With the meats almost cooked through, add dry pepper, stockfish, smoked fish, smoked prawns and the Uyayak, to infuse flavour into the stock. This will also soften the fish variants. The picture for Uyayak can be found HERE
  2. Add palm extract to the stock. I used about 4 tablespoons, but in hindsight, I should have used less. The extract made the soup slightly darker than I would have liked, so use about half of that or 1 and a half cooking spoons of palm oil.
  3. Allow the palm extract or the palm oil cook properly in the stock, to be well incorporated.Taste the stock and be sure you are happy with it. .
  4. Now, you need to add the Ibaba powder and stir it in.
  5. A tip I use with Achi is to add a little ground crayfish with the powder. This helps it to not form lumps in the soup, I decided to do the same with Ibaba.
  6. Add about 2 tablespoonfuls of this and stir quickly. Dooney's Kitchen Tip: It will not thicken immediately, so don't be tempted to add more, or you will end up with a globby mess. Give it a minute or two, and you will notice that the soup is considerably thicker. You should only add more of the thickener, if the soup is still watery, and again, go in easy. Start with half a tablespoon and progress from there.
  7. With the soup thickened to your preference, add some extra ground crayfish, lower the heat to allow the flavours to develop. Once you are happy with it, add in some chopped uziza, and if you are like me, that likes some pop of colour in your soup, plus extra heat, add some chopped fresh pepper. Remember to take out the Uyayak, before serving, and that's your Efere Ibaba. Very simple to prepare.
Recipe by Dooney's Kitchen at http://dooneyskitchen.com/efere-ibaba-ibaba-soup/