Ofada Riro and Tuwo Beans
Recipe Category: Traditional Nigerian Soups
Cuisine: Yoruba
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Efo Riro with a twist. Using Ofada stew a.k.a Ayamase as the Pepper Base.
  • Ofada stew
  • Spinach - or your choice of greens
  • Uziza leaves
  • Freshly chopped pepper - optional
  • Softened or cooked smoked fish - optional
  • Salt
  • For the Tuwo Beans -
  • Beans Flour
  • Water
  1. Place the leftover ofada stew in a pan to heat up.
  2. While the sauce is heating up, chop your veggies and fresh pepper, set aside.
  3. As the sauce heats up, add a little water, about half a cup, jut to add a little fluidty to the sauce, to allow you stir in the veggies easily. You can choose to add smoked fish at this point for extra flavour, but as my ofada stew is already cooked with shredded smoked fish, there was no need to
  4. Add the vegetables, the spinach and uziza at the same time, stir and allow to wilt to your preference.
  5. Give another 3 minutes or so, re-season with a little salt and serve.
  6. For the tuwo beans, xombine beans flour with water to double its volume. Stir and ensure that it is free from lumps, pour into a pot and place on heat
  7. Stir as soon as you've emptied the bowl into the pot. as the liquid heats up, lumps begin to form, continue stirring to ensure that these lumps don't clump together
  8. Keep stirring until it thickens, and stir some more to work the dough a little, making it even more springy. By the time it cooks, the flavour of the beans has drastically reduced, giving a pleasant almost sweet taste. You will love this, I promise
Recipe by Dooney's Kitchen at http://dooneyskitchen.com/ofada-riro-and-tuwo-beans/