Tomatoe-less Stew
Recipe Category: Stews
Cuisine: Nigerian
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Serves: 5
An economy friendly stew, packed with lots of flavour, sans pricey tomatoes
  • 500 Naira Tatashe (red bell peppers) they came sold as 200 naira per portion, I bargained it down to 3 for 500
  • 100 Naira Shombo (long red chilli) - you can use half of it, but i used everything.
  • 50 Naira ata rodo (scotch bonnet or habanero pepper) - i suggest picking the bigger pieces, they are not as hot as the smaller ones
  • 25 Naira Ginger - they came sold as 50 naira per bunch. I used half
  • 200 Naira Onions - they were quite large onions, I used 3 out of 4
  • 50 Naira Iru (fermented locust beans) - used half. If you like Iru, for even better flavour use the whole wrap. Substitute with garlic if you don't like Iru.
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Ike Eran - hump of the cow
  • Palm Oil - optional. Very useful should your stew be too hot.
  1. Blend all the ingredients to a smooth puree.
  2. Taste it, and don't forget to come back and tell me it wasn't hot. In fact, i added more ata rodo t(scotch bonnet) to the original formulae above, because it wasn't hot enough.
  3. Normally, i wouldn't boil this ata lilo (ground pepper mix), but this is the one case i will make an exception. Boil it. You need that time to let the flavours of the pepper mix intensify, plus you get an added bonus of a rich red colour developing, so much so that it will look like you added tomatoes.
  4. Heat up oil, add some chopped onions, if you want to add more iru, here's the time to add extra to the oil and fry, or add extra garlic. Add the boiled pepper and allow it to fry till it has thickened. Lighten it up with beef stock, and in my case fried meat and taste and re-season as you go along and se fini. Tomatoeless stew.
  5. Oya, say thank you. LMAO. Just joking. This is enough stew to last a family at least a week, and you can walk past the tomatoe sellers and do shakara. Total expenditure - less than 1,000 Naira. Talk about being economy friendly.
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