Rosemary and Uziza crusted Lamb with Ukwa Mash
Recipe Category: Healthy Nigerian, Main Dishes
Cuisine: Food Fusion
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Serves: 1
Celebrating multiculturalism at its finest, with a combination of spices and ingredients from across Nigeria and the West.
  • Lamb Chops - you can also use steak/fish/chicken
  • A sprig of Rosemary - you can also use dried rosemary, about a teaspoon
  • 1 tablespoon of Uziza seeds - you can also use black peppercorns
  • Salt
  • Ukwa - you can also use white skinned beans, chickpeas or Garbanzo beans
  • Leftover stew
  • Vegetable oil - optional
  1. Rinse your Ukwa and add to a pot
  2. Add enough water to cook it, in fact add more because this takes a while to cook. A cheat option is to use a pressure cooker, or add a little Potash.
  3. Give life to your leftover stew by adding it to the Ukwa. Re-season and let it cook.
  4. When the Ukwa has cooked completely, it looks like Beans Pottage
  5. Blend the Rosemary and Uziza seeds in a dry mill till you get a fine powder
  6. This spice mix forms your dry rub, with the addition of satt, rub all over the lamb chops
  7. Fire up your grill or grill pan, add a little oil, if you just to coat the pan. I have a device called Flavor Chef which doesn't need oil for grilling. Yaaaaaaay Team #fitfam. When the grill is hot, place the lamb chops on and sear each side for 1 minute, and keep turning over until browned
  8. While the Lamb is cooking, using a hand blender, puree the Ukwa. You can either puree it to be smooth or Chunky. You can also puree in a food processor or blender. Don't add any water.
  9. When your Lamb has grilled to perfection, add a little water, to the juices left behind in the pan, give it a minute or so, and that forms your gravy. We are #fitfaming so no alcohol or white flour or butter is allowed for gravy.
  10. Pile on the Ukwa mash unto a plate, add the grilled lamb, drizzle on some gravy and serve with a side salad.
This dinner is so quick, you won't believe. Well apart from cooking the Ukwa, which you can start on early.
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